Efficient conversion to solid fuel grinding system in record time.

For the Amreyah Cement Company Christian Pfeiffer accomplished a challenging project: To construct, deliver and implement two ball mill circuits into an existing cement plant – in a timeframe of just over one year. A great example for Efficient Processes.

In June 2015, Christian Pfeiffer was awarded a contract by the Egyptian Amreyah Cement Company, part of Intercement Group, to supply a solid fuel grinding system to change from HFOs to a solid fuel solution based on coal and petcoke. A decent contract with a catch: an ambitious implementation time of only about one year.

The goal was to implement two ball mill circuits into an existing plant with two kiln lines that produce a total of 8.400 tph clinker. The one compartment ball mills with ø3.4m x 6.75m EGL were fitted with an integrated drying chamber, an open lifter diaphragm, progressive lifting and classifying shell linings. The mills are supported with slide shoe bearings and driven by lateral drive units with girth gear and single pinion with an installed power of 1.200 kW each. Additionally, Christian Pfeiffer installed a DSL 65-K dynamic air swept separator and a dosing system of coal dust into the kilns.

Christian Pfeiffer, as the turn-key supplier in this EPC project, had quite a number of tasks ranging from engineering and procurement, to local fabrication and logistics, to the execution of the civil, structural steel, mechanical, electrical, automation works and commissioning. In order to manage all tasks within the challenging time frame, Christian Pfeiffer not only worked on 14 different construction locations simultaneously, but employed five local contractors, one logistics company and a number of smaller local suppliers. In addition to the hands-on work the site teams had to deliver, they supervised and controlled the manufacturing of the local portion in two main and seven supplementary fabrication facilities.

After an impressive short period of 13 months, the first mill circuit was started-up only during a maintenance shut-down of the kilns. One month later, the second circuit was implemented just as neatly 

It is needless to say that such a challenge could only be mastered in record time with great expertise, coordination, motivation and an excellent collaboration with the client.

That is what we at Christian Pfeiffer call Efficient Processes.