Die Christian Pfeiffer Kugelmühle während der Montage bei SCHWENK Latvija, Werk Broceni

SCHWENK Latvija - Modernization into one of the most sustainable cement plants in Europe

With the modernization of the cement plant in Broceni, SCHWENK Latvija aims to become one of the most sustainable plants in Europe.

MAY 2021 INTERNATIONAL CEMENT REVIEW Schwenk Latvija, part of the SCHWENK Building Materials Group, awarded Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik the contract to construct an efficient ball mill circuit for high-quality cements at the Broceni plant. With the modernisation of the existing plant, SCHWENK Latvija plans to become one of the most sustainable plants in Europe, which will also help to meet EU climate targets. The energy-efficient ball mill circuit will additionally enable the production of more cement types, expanding SCHWENK Latvija’s product portfolio with more environmentally friendly cements with fineness of up to 5600 Blaine. The Broceni plant has already been successfully operating a Christian Pfeiffer grinding mill for the solid fuels for the kiln since 2009.

The efficiency of the mill circuit is ensured by its state-of-the-art process engineering. Christian Pfeiffer’s intelligent design of the mill internals, mill shell lining, diaphragm and grinding balls is expected to perform with a significant reduction in the energy consumption of grinding operations. The incorporation of a QDK highperformance separator also maximises energy saving potential. The process was precisely adapted to the customer’s requirements based on the product analysis prior to the start of the project.

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