The purpose of a company.

By developing our unique process know-how, maintaining our customer proximity, flexibility and reliability, intensive investments in innovation and attention to service and the constant promotion of the team spirit, we inspire customers worldwide as the best partner for high-quality, tailor-made mills, separators and grinding plants.


The fundamental orientation of a company.

We believe that global resources can be processed more efficiently with better ideas in order to supply our world with necessary raw materials in a more sustainable way and thus contribute to the modern life of people worldwide.


Basic human values under which we would like to work together.

Respect, appreciation and fairness

Through the mutual recognition of performance for the common cause, we create an appreciative atmosphere in the company and promote helpfulness and fairness among each other. Praise and support is not a one-way street. We treat each other with respect, strengthen the team spirit every single day and thus generate a high level of commitment to the enthusiasm of our customers. The personal development and sustainable qualification of each ALBATROS is close to our hearts.

Honesty and reliability

With our unique process expertise, we dare to take on any challenge in grinding and classifying anywhere in the world and act as a reliable partner. To this end, we place a great deal of trust in our employees and give them the freedom and backing to make quick decisions. We are honest with each other, listen to each other, use the ideas of each employee and inspire our customers and colleagues with our experience to find better solutions. We are proud of our unique knowledge in grinding and classifying techniques and the motivation of each ALBATROS for the common cause.

Efficiency and solution orientation

We carry out our tasks efficiently and solution-oriented for the benefit of our customers, for whose profitability and peace of mind we feel responsible. Everything we do serves this goal. This can be achieved by everyone tackling in their own place and working for better, innovative solutions in the interests of the community. In doing so, we express criticism constructively and with concrete suggestions for improvement. We act flexible and learn from our mistakes.