In grinding processes, small alterations can make a huge difference. Our 360°Mill Check will find your potential for higher performance at lower energy costs to create a process that is best in class.

Find the bottlenecks
in your process
Optimize productivity
save energy costs, increase efficiency
Identify the cause of problems
to avoid them in the future

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Guaranteed improvement

Our success is measured by our customers' savings. Therefore we work on solutions that drive performance and save energy – every single day. Learn more about our mill internals making your grinding process even more efficient. Guaranteed.

4th generation intermediate diaphragm

Thanks to the material flow control and the limitation of the largest grain size by the intermediate diaphragm, the material stays in the first grinding compartment until it reaches optimum size. The perfect separation of air and material flow is a major development by Christian Pfeiffer.


guaranteed improvement compared to conventional systems.

Compact spiral lining 

The large number of progressive activator plates leads to an optimized movement of the ball load. The plow plates increase the energy transfer once again, creating a certain moderate sorting effect for the grinding balls, which improves the grinding power inside the ball charge.

QDK cross-flow rotating cage separator

The standard version of the cross-flow rotating cage separator can be integrated into almost any grinding plant. Top cuts of up to 10 µm can be produced, thanks to the particularly constant separating conditions within the entire separating zone.


guaranteed improvement compared to 2nd generation separators.

EFFICIENT PROCESSES through knowledge

We believe in continuous improvement of products and processes increasing productivity and lowering energy costs. Even small optimizations can lead to a process that is even more efficient – taking your business ahead of competition. That is why we monitor every detail of your grinding process. Driven by the pursuit of the perfect result.


We examine your grinding process thoroughly:

  • Material sampling
  • Longitudinal sampling
  • Ball charge filling degree
  • Mill material level
  • Mill internals condition
  • Ball charge sampling
  • Separator tromp curve
  • Separator ventilation
  • Weigh feeder
  • Instrument
  • Control loop
A story of efficiency

Efficiency in grinding is our heritage and our future.
Since 1925.

Making grinding processes as efficient as possible is a science in itself – one to which we dedicate our entire expertise and spirit of innovation. From the invention of the first MONOBLOC diaphragm to the technical fine-tuning of the separator QDK. How we became what we are today.