Increase of product quality with the cooler

Reduce product temperature and increase quality

In order to improve general or specific product quality it is often necessary to cool the finished product directly after grinding. A powder cooler by Christian Pfeiffer provides the right solution for this task. It is suitable for all powder products, grits, and circulating material from grinding plants or similar production processes.

recooling system
water reuse
UP TO -70°C

Technical details

  • Indirect heat removal using the counterflow principle: The material to be cooled has no contact with the heat removal medium
  • Continuous and careful heat removal by means of an inside rotor that moves the material to be cooled upwards
  • The temperature of the input material can be reduced by 40°C to 70°C
  • If required, the cooling water can be returned to the cooling circuit using a recooling system
  • A water film cools the steel cylinder from the outside
  • Three machine sizes enable material throughputs of up to 180 t/h
  • Their compact design enables trouble-free installation in new plants, as well as easy integration into existing systems
  • Christian Pfeiffer's engineers conduct a water analysis and determine the plant components that will be required
Cooler powder cooler

Can powder coolers be integrated in existing plants?

Yes, in most cases, retrofitting in existing plants is possible without any problems. The powder cooler is arranged vertically, in consequence the material inlet takes place in the lower area, the powder is conveyed upwards by a screw in the cooler, and from there it is returned to its original transport path.

Of which components does a powder cooling system consist?

A powder cooling plant consists of two components, the cooling tower and the required water supply. The water supply can be a continuous flow system or the COOLER is connected to existing water cooling systems in the plant. Alternatively, we can also supply a separate water recooling system with water treatment, which is supplied with moderate amounts of water.

How much can the product temperature be reduced?

In most cases, a temperature reduction of about 50°C is feasible. Usually, our customers ask for cooling of fine powdery products from 110-120°C down to 65-70°C.

However, the temperature to which the product can be cooled down depends on various conditions.If the material is to be cooled down even further, a series connection of two coolers can be useful.

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