Christian Pfeiffer EPC-Project Egypt

Egypt: EPC project in record time

Efficiency defined: errection of new two-circuit coal grinding plant in only thirteen months for the Amreyah Cement Company.

In June 2015 Christian Pfeiffer Maschinenfabrik GmbH was awarded a contract by the Amreyah Cement Company (AMCC) in Egypt to implement an EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) project comprising the design, planning, procurement, delivery, installation and commissioning of two coal grinding plants at its cement works close to Alexandria with its population of over a million. An implementation time of only about one year had been scheduled so that the first grinding plant could come into operation after thirteen months and the second one after fourteen months. At the centre of the EPC project was the erection of two ball mill grinding circuits operating on the air-swept principle for supplying pulverized fuel to two of the three existing dry-process kiln lines. The process filters, silos, dosing systems ,two kiln burners and five calciner burners as well as pumps and blowers for pneumatic transport of the pulverized fuel were to be supplied and installed in addition to the two ball mills. All these installations were adapted for the use of solid primary fuels, namely coal and petcoke.

The guaranteed parameters, such as the pulverized fuel output, the fineness of the pulverized fuel produced and the specific power consumption, were verified and, without exception, surpassed in the 24-hour tests during the commissioning. The safety measures that were implemented for this project were based on the ATEX standard. Pressure relief flaps for explosion protection were therefore installed in addition to O2 and CO analyzers and a central inertization system. Rapid implementation of the project was only made possible by close cooperation between Christian Pfeiffer and the AMC and by the inclusion of local companies. At times Christian Pfeiffer had to supervise fourteen construction sites running at the same time on the site. At the request of the AMCC the installation of the burner equipment for firing pulverized fuel was confined to the scheduled maintenance stoppages of kiln lines 1 and 3.

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