DSL Dynamic Airflow Separator
The raw meal, coke and coal pro

The dynamic airflow separator (DSL) is used in airflow mills, and is primarily used in grinding petcoke or coal, as well as raw meal. Depending on the material to be ground, it can also be used to separate other products, such as minerals, limestone, feldspar, or quartz sand. The input material enters the DSL with the separator airflow from below, and is sucked upwards into the separator by the airflow. It provides a top cut of up to 20 µm.

Technical details

  • Airflow separator from the OptiTromp family
  • Suitable for use in grinding plants for petcoke, coal, and raw meal
  • Top cut up to 20 µm 
  • Material input through airflow
  • Air flow and speed of the rotating cage can be adjusted according to the required finish product
  • Avoidance of oversize particles due to wear-free confined air seal of rotating cage
  • Also available in an impact-resistant version (e.g. for separation of explosive materials)