More efficient separation processes
Overview of all of our separators

From the high efficiency separators in our OptiTromp family, through to the all-in-one aggregate Heyd Separator: Christian Pfeiffer offers you a variety of separators to meet the special demands of your production lines.

Industrial Minerals
For finer higher quality materials

Fine and ultra-fine classifiers

Fine classifier

Our clients demand higher material purity, top cuts of D98 = 3 – 100 µm, greater performance, low energy consumption, and affordability. With all of that in mind we developed the fine classifier ROC. ROC is not only a reflection of our vast experience but is the answer and go to solution for fine mineral classification.

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Ultra-fine classifier

When fine is not fine enough. We can achieve ultra-fine results with top cuts down to d98<3 µm with our U-ROC classifier.

U-ROC was developed with a challenge in mind, be able to classify ultra-fine materials keeping high performance. The efficiency that this classifier delivers is mature, even running at speeds above 4000rpm.

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The OptiTromp family
High efficiency separators for bulk materials

OptiTromp Separators for ball mills

QDK cross-flow rotating cage separatorA separator for every need

It is no surprise that the proven QDK high efficiency separator is the most popular product in our OptiTromp family. The standard version of the cross-flow rotating cage separator can be integrated into almost any grinding plant. Top cuts of up to 10 µm can be produced, thanks to the particularly constant separating conditions within the entire separating zone.

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TGS Top Gas Separator
The Christian Pfeiffer space saver

The compact design of our Top Gas Separator allows particularly flexible installation, and demonstrates its advantages especially when modernizing existing plants. With a top cut of up to 10 µm, it is installed instead of a QDK separator in plant layouts where space is an issue.

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DSL Dynamic Airflow Separator
The raw meal, coke and coal pro

The dynamic airflow separator (DSL) is used in airflow mills, and is primarily used in grinding petcoke or coal, as well as raw meal. Depending on the material to be ground, it can also be used to separate other products, such as minerals, limestone, feldspar, or quartz sand. The input material enters the DSL with the separator airflow from below, and is sucked upwards into the separator by the airflow. It provides a top cut of up to 20 µm.

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TFS Twin Feed Separator
For combined roller press and ball mill grinding systems

The TFS is a dynamic separator working together with a static separator in a so called DSS (Dynamic Static Separator) system. These separators were specially designed for the use in combined grinding systems which consist of roller press and ball mill. The material enters the TFS through two feeding points:  through an airflow and through two feeding chutes above the separator. The TFS provides a top cut of up to 20 µm.

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OptiTromp Separators for vertical mills

DSM Dynamic Mineral Separator
For dry materials

The dynamic mineral separator is especially designed for the use with vertical mills, and is suitable for the separation of products with relatively little moisture, for example for the grinding of minerals. The DSM is fed from below, and supplies a top cut of up to 20 µm. 

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DSK Dynamic Coal Separator
For damp materials 

The dynamic coal separator (DSK) is used in cases where materials with high feed moisture are ground. The vertical position of its centrally-positioned feeding chute prevents the damp material from sticking. The material to be ground thus goes directly to the grinding table of the vertical mill. The DSK is often used for the separation of coal or petcoke, and provides a top cut of up to 20 µm.

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Heyd Separator
The universal talent

With a top cut of between approximately 60 µm and 200 µm the Heyd separator improves the quality of the final product enormously. The Heyd separator is an all-in-one aggregate – thus neither cyclones nor filters to discharge finish product, nor a process ventilator are required. An integrated adjustable fan wheel and reverse flow blades ensure optimum finish product output.

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