More efficient grinding processes

Overview of all of our mills

Mills for grinding cement, coal, or minerals: Christian Pfeiffer designs and builds grinding plants for many different feed materials and finished products. Our mills are as varied as the requirements of our customers. Ball mills, vertical mills, compact mills, jet mills or roller mills? Our employees are experts in the field of grinding plants, and they analyze for you just which mill will provide you with the most efficient production process possible. 

Ball mills

Solid, reliable and durable

Ball mills are the classic grinding plants: Around the world they are the most common installations. Ball mills convince thanks to their simple principle and low maintenance needs: They are robust, durable and extremely reliable in operation. By using ball mills in closed circuit with a separator, their efficiency can be increased even further.

Technical details

  • Available as an end discharge mill, airflow mill, or wet mill
  • Slide shoe bearings reduce the strain on mill shells and installations: heavy and expensive cast head walls are not needed
  • Optionally also with trunnion bearings or roller bearings
  • Lateral gear drive and pinion
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Large reinforced manholes (540 x 640 mm) for optimum maintenance and installation conditions
  • Available with installed motor sizes of: 300 kW–10,000 kW
  • Solid, reliable and long-lasting

Compact mills

The ideal solution for smaller product quantities

The compact mill is convincing due to its compact dimensions. This enables it to be flexibly integrated into existing structures. With a maximum diameter of 2.8 m, and maximum length of 7 m, it is especially suitable for the production of small quantities of finished products. The compact mill proves itself both in dry and wet grinding, and can be operated with or without a separator.

Technical details

  • For dry and wet grinding
  • For small production quantities
  • For open and closed grinding circuits
  • Available as a mono-chamber or two-compartment mill
  • Mounted on two frames for easy transport and easier installation
  • Quick installation on site, in less than one week
  • Test run before delivery
  • Deliverable sizes between 1.2 m to 2.8 m diameter, and 2 m to a maximum of 7 m in length
  • Compact, reliable, and individually tailored

Roller press

For raw meal or for pre-grinding in two-step grinding processes

The roller press is often used where energy-efficient grinding of large product quantities is required. The two rollers, rotating in opposite directions, exert very high pressure on the material, effectively crushing and weakening the particles (microscopic cracks), so that the subsequent fine grinding is easier. When used as a pre-grinding system in ball mill circuits, production increases of up to 100% and more can be achieved.

Technical details

  • Pressure of 850 kN up to 30,000 kN
  • Two oppositely rotating rolls: Fixed and loose rolls, supported by a hydro-pneumatic spring
  • Pressure can be adjusted hydraulically
  • Roller surfaces are selected in accordance with the specific requirements of the feed material
  • Feed material supply by using gravity feed

Vertical mills

Flexible mills with integrated separator

The vertical mill enables high energy economy, and convinces with low specific wear values. Drying of the feed material, grinding, separating, and material transport take place inside the mill. It is thus especially well suited for grinding products with high proportions of wet components.

Technical details

  • With three or four rollers
  • Excellent start-stop behavior
  • Very good partial load response (performance reduction down to 25% possible)
  • Low specific energy consumption
  • Available with installed motor sizes of: 60 kW-3000 kW
  • Suitable for high mass flows
  • Short switching time for product changeover
  • Combined grinding, drying, and separating plant

Jet mills
For ultrafine finished products

The jet mill is popular everywhere where the special fineness of the finished product is important, for example in the grinding of minerals for low to medium hardness (mohs 1 to 4). This extremely energy-efficient mill works reliably and precisely. The integrated separator ensures a guaranteed fine top cut of up to 1 µm.

Technical details

  • Motor-rotor unit for circumferential speeds up to 190m/s
  • Excellent top cut up to 1 µm
  • Up to 30% lower specific energy consumption in comparison to conventional mills for very find grinding
  • Sophisticated, reliable, and precise