Others may see just a simple separator. We see EFFICIENT PROCESSES.

We focus on your processes: With a separator from Christian Pfeiffer you can easily increase the efficiency of your plant. No matter what type of plant you have: Our process expertise based on decades of experience enables you to equip your plant with separators that are tailored specifically to the individual requirements of your production line.

Efficiency born of experience

A separator actively helps to save energy, because it separates the fine material from the coarse material, which results in a much faster delivery of the desired product. The combination of grinding and separating leads to far greater efficiency of the grinding process.

Thanks to more than 90 years of experience, we at Christian Pfeiffer know exactly which separator will provide you the best results in any plant. 

From the first measurement to the last screw

We do not decide which separator is best suited to your requirements by only sitting behind our desks. We come out and take a good look at your existing or planned plant.

By taking the interplay of many small details into account, we are able to decide which separator will increase the efficiency of your production the most. Our highly qualified employees analyze your processes, and then use the results to develop the most suitable solution for your particular plant: from planning, to layout and installation up to putting your new separator into operation

We have just the right separator for your particular needs

Are you planning a completely new grinding plant? 

We determine which grinding and separating system fits best to your planned production line, and then construct a solution tailored specifically to your requirements. 

Do you want to add a separator to your existing plant, or replace an old separator? 

We can turn your open circuit plant into a significantly more efficient closed grinding circuit, or we can install a new separator that is optimal for your existing plant. 

Do you already have a separator from Christian Pfeiffer? 

By conducting a professional inspection, our service technicians can identify optimization potential, and can even make the required improvements to your existing separators. 

Since 1925

Decades of experience in the field of separator technology

All separators from Christian Pfeiffer have proven themselves over three generations. Since 1925 our company has been developing components for high quality grinding plants – and at the end of the 1930s, we were able to revolutionize the market with our first Christian Pfeiffer separator (Heyd type) that for the first time increased the efficiency and quality of our customers' grinding results.

And even today, we're still setting milestones in the market with our internationally-recognized innovations and developments. Christian Pfeiffer always produces state-of-the-art separator technology, offering you a comprehensive selection of high-efficiency separator models for your particular grinding plants.



Successful separator modernization at a cement grinding plant in Schelklingen

By installing a new rotating cage, an improved louver ring, and a blocking air seal, the cement works in Schelklingen achieved significant improvements in throughput and specific energy needs.

Positive operating experience following separator replacement at Phoenix Zement in Beckum

The replacement of two Heyd separators with a new QDK separator from Christian Pfeiffer provides Phoenix Zement not only with more energy-efficient production, but also enables them to expand their production portfolio with new high quality grades.