Industrial Minerals 
For finer higher quality materials

At Christian Pfeiffer we pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions for each and every one of our clients. We understand that the requirement for fine grinding and classifying varies depending on mineral and application.

Our focus is delivering not only the best technology but forming strong partnerships with customers. Our clients know their market needs, and our 90 years of the technical expertise help achieve it. No challenge is too complex, our classifiers are able to reach a wide range of finesses from d98 = 3 to 100 µm with a single machine.

Together, we can help achieve sustainability goals, create tailormade solutions that help to produce finer, and more pure materials while reducing costs.

for industrial minerals

90 years in the making – finest results

Compact solution for faster installation

With more than 100 ball mill installations worldwide our technology is a proven result of our experience and market leadership.

The smart design allows for pre-assembly of mayor mill components for easy installation. With possibility of ceramic lining for utmost material purity.

Mill selection starting at 200kW and 2.0m diameters.

Versatile, option of direct drive for abrasive environments and lateral drive for standard installation. Depending on the capacity requirements, compact mill design is also available. 

Proprietary Christian Pfeiffer technology and know-how.

Fine and ultra-fine classifiers

When good enough is not fine enough there is a ROC & U-ROC

Two classifier designs, a broad range of fine possibilities. With more than 1,000 classifiers installed worldwide, we have been able to develop two turbo classifying technologies, ROC and U-ROC.

Fine classifier

Our clients demand higher material purity, top cuts of d98=5-100µm, greater performance, low energy consumption, and affordability. With all of that in mind we developed the fine classifier ROC. ROC is not only a reflection of our vast experience but is the answer and go to solution for fine mineral classification.

The material feeding to this classifier is possible mechanically or pneumatically, either from top or bottom.  And its systematically balanced direct drive allows for easy quick maintenance.

Fines top discharge design for unrestricted outlet resulting in low pressure drop.

Oil lubricated bearings, allow for heat dissipation and prevents product contamination.

A rotor labyrinth air sealing helps achieve a sharper top-cut for material purity, this is reached by preventing coarse particles in fines airstream. The sealing air is generated using an external fan.

Ultra-fine classifier

When fine is not fine enough. We can achieve ultra-fine results with top cuts down to d98<3 µm with our U-ROC classifier.

U-ROC was developed with a challenge in mind, be able to classify ultra-fine materials keeping high performance. The efficiency that this classifier delivers is outstanding, even running at speeds above 4000rpm.

The dual fines discharge achieves equal classification air speed across the whole rotor length with minimal drop in pressure.

The material is fed pneumatically directly into the separation area, creating maximum dispersion for a more homogeneous classification.

A secondary air inlet allows for process optimization by the reclassification of rejects, increasing efficiency.

The rotor gap sealing air, allows to achieve a clean top-cut (5ppm at 25µm) and a maintenance free operation.

Pelletizing Disc


The WOGEMA PLD Pelletizing Disc is suited for iron ore and minerals. Eliminating the conventional gear rim/pinion drive makes this design extremely low-maintenance and highly robust for continuous industrial use.


Technical details

  • Solid design for continuous operation under industrial conditions
  • Same compact construction for each size
  • No complicated and susceptible girth gear – pinion drive
  • No lubrication system for girth gear drive needed anymore
  • Easy access to bearings and wearing parts
  • Standard sizes from Ø1,2m to Ø7,5m, others on request
  • Slewing ring bearings for each size up to Ø7,5m
  • Specially designed for iron ore and minerals
  • Inclination adjustment during operation by electrical spindle drive
  • Made in Europe
Our Coating Technology

Smart coating plant design

Our coating lines are designed taking into account product deagglomeration of ultrafine fillers (before coating agent).

We also ensure that there is a maximum coverage with low quantity of coating agent and a homogenous particle coverage by a single layer as well as high conversion rate.

Energy efficient/low energy consumption makes our coating solution attractive.

We are able to provide a complete coating line including pin mill, high speed blenders and dispatch solutions such as big bag and packing machines.

Christian Pfeiffer is a global technology leader in grinding and separation solutions ranging from single grinding lines to complete turnkey plants.

Whether building a project from the ground up or optimizing existing plants (working with local contractors), Christian Pfeiffer utilizes its efficient processes to adapt to every project demand.  Coupled with an in-house engineering team with over 90 years of successful custom projects, Christian Pfeiffer continuously delivers maximum return on investment.

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