Phoenix cement plant Germany

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In July 2010, Phoenix Zement in Beckum optimized a grinding plant by changing the separator.

In July 2010, Phoenix Zement in Beckum optimized a grinding plant by changing the separator (see report in ZKG INTERNATIONAL 09/2010, pp. 20-23). The background to this investment by Phoenix was the need to produce high-performance cements in an energy-efficient manner in order to remain competitive and even strengthen their position. With the old system it was either impossible to produce the high-performance cements, or it could only be done at low throughput rates and high energy costs. The experience from more than one year of operation and the results of production analyses prove that the optimization was well worth while.

clinker from a horizontal impact crusher (HIC) mixed with gypsum and other additives. The two mills are the same size but were installed and put into operation at different points in time. The older unit, cement mill 1 (CM 1), was equipped with two Heyd separators (dynamic separators of the first generation), while the cement mill 3 (CM 3) installed later was equipped with a closed-circuit cyclone separator (a dynamic separator of the second generation). Increasing competitive pressure and high energy costs prompted the owners of the Phoenix cement factory to investigate which plant components could be optimized by means of a modernization project.

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