Broken diaphragm

Hard shell - flexible core: the unique Christian Pfeiffer FLEXCORE technology plates for 100% guaranteed durability

When a single plate in an intermediate diaphragm breaks, grinding balls get into the inner construct of the diaphragm and can destroy it immediately – a worst case scenario.

The breakage of a plate in a diaphragm entails repair work lasting several days and can even lead to the complete destruction of the entire diaphragm and thus stop production indefinitely. Due to the global logistic crisis, getting the right wear parts can take time and thus enlarge the unscheduled downtime. Especially in view of massively increasing energy prices resulting in high production costs, avoiding unplanned production downtimes are becoming existential factors for all companies.
For this reason, grinding plant specialist Christian Pfeiffer developed the high-performance and reliable FLEXCORE technology plates. Unique and special: they are made of hardened rolled steel with a breaking strength of up to 60 HRC due to a very hard shell and gradually softer material towards the core. Thanks to this technology the plates are wear and breakage resistant and the maintenance can be planned to the exact day. What is more: the rapid availability of rolled steel plates is always guaranteed.

Superior design: Robust, efficient and easy maintenance

The innovative design of the slotted plates result in a significantly more efficient and energy-saving grinding process compared to conventional plates made of cast materials. In addition, the division of the plates lead to an effortless maintenance and replacement of the main wear zones or single plates. The conical shape of the FLEXCORE plate slots make an optimized material flow possible and thus avoids the risk of a slot blockage. The separation of air and material flow, a major development by Christian Pfeiffer, also ensures that so-called "dead zones" (zones without material to be ground) directly behind the mill diaphragm are avoided. The result is a significantly superior and highest efficient grinding process.

For more information about FLEXCORE technology plates please  contact Christian Pfeiffer.