Slotted and backside plates for diaphragms
Hardened rolled steel and innovative design

All diaphragm plates from Christian Pfeiffer are produced using highly wear- and breakage resistant rolled steel, which is a superior material compared to plates produced using cast material. The innovative design of the slotted and backside plates makes the entire grinding process even more efficient, and ensures a long service life for the equipment.

Technical details

  • Manufactured using highly wear and breakage resistant special rolled steel with up to 60 HRC
  • Plate slots with optimum narrow conical openings for optimum material flow and high process stability prevent natural blockages: The material is transported onward only after it has been sufficiently ground.
  • Innovative fastening system: Bolt fastening with conical swages ensure accurate fitting for the plates. Efficient use of the plate up to a residual thickness of 8–10 mm. Utilization rate of 75% compared to 60% in conventional systems. Thanks to the use of tear-off bolts, fitting errors are effectively reduced and the plates are securely fixed to the frame. 
  • Long service life thanks to simple maintenance and partial replacement of the wear parts: Depending on the mill diameter, the slotted plate construction is divided into two to four rings. In the event of wear, only those plate rings that are most affected need to be replaced
  • If required, special slotted plates with lifters for those areas subjected to the most wear