Open lifter diaphragm
For mills with integrated drying chamber

By means of the open lifter diaphragm, the drying chamber integrated into the mill tube is separated from the grinding compartment. The steel grades used can easily withstand the up to 400°C hot gases found in the drying compartment.

Technical details

  • Separation of grinding compartment and drying chamber integrated into the mill tube
  • Use of steel grades with almost identical thermal expansion coefficients, in order to withstand the high temperatures (300–400°C) and high axial pressure
  • Extremely high mechanical and thermal loads can be absorbed
  • Adjustment of the diaphragm plates enables the adjustment of the central opening to the required maximum mill filling level
  • Construction of the diaphragm in Monobloc® version: supports the mill tube and resists deformation. Can also be supplied in segmented design
  • Easier maintenance and replacement of main wear zones through division of the slotted backside plates into two to four rings